ToT's Collection

Made in Philadelphia

My story

ToT’s Collection was born out of the belief that retail could be harnessed to make a positive change in the community.  Our name is derived from the Vietnamese word, tốt, which means good hearted.

The landscape of manufacturing in the US, and more specifically in Philadelphia, has evolved in recent years as many companies have taken production overseas.  ToT’s Collection seeks to reverse this trend and revive the industry in Philadelphia.  Our brand logo is a lotus root, because our mission is to get back to the root of creating and making.  At our core, we believe that the creation of each garment speaks volumes about the integrity of a line. As such, all of our products are designed, developed and produced in Philadelphia.  

Our aim is to have our children grow up in a country that still has makers of clothing.  And for us, it seemed fitting to make clothes for the little people who will ultimately hold the key to our future. Our mission is to educate and plant the seeds of interest in manufacturing at an early age so that this current generation of seamstresses isn’t the last.

Our philosophy

Comfort: All of our garments are made with the child in mind.  We seek to make all of our items easy and effortless to wear while also being fun.  Our clothing is not overly complicated making them easy to wear and nonrestrictive so that children can focus on being children without fussing over their clothes. We pride ourselves in simple designs without sacrificing style, so that comfort and beauty can go hand in hand. Resulting in happy kids and happy parents!

Quality:  We aim to use good quality fabrics, sewn with great attention to detail.  Our garments are made to last – so that they can be hand-me-downs for younger siblings!

Easy to Care for:  We use natural fibers that feel soft and that can be thrown in the wash without much thought. They feel good on the skin and are easy on the parents.

Practical: Our items are also interchangeable making them very versatile.  We design with the parents in mind so that a lot of our items can be worn from one season to the next.  Our dresses, skirts, leggings, jackets and tees can be layered so they can be enjoyed from season to season.

Ethical Sourcing: Respect for the craft of sewing is a fundamental part of our mantra. All of our items are made here in the U.S., in a factory that respects their employees and provides an environment for growth and education. We pride ourselves on expert craftsmanship and we are able to maintain our high quality by producing locally. I know this because I oversee the manufacturing myself.